What To Take With You


London is a city where you don’t need to worry about forgetting anything at home – if you forget something, we guarantee you will find it here. We remember travelling to London years ago, bringing just an empty suitcase, because we knew we would buy everything once we arrived there.


Your Passport and any other document that you need to take with you (you don't have to carry your passport around with you when in London, unless you need it for a specific purpose, for example completing your VAT form).
Money or credit cards: Credit cards are accepted everywhere in London, so you may not need cash at all. But just in case of any emergency; keep at least GBP 100 or GBP 200 cash with you.Make sure your credit card is signed on the back, especially if it is not a chip card (has an electronic chip on its front side). Always keep any kind of ID on you, if the card is a swipe card such as a university ID, or driving license, as shop assistants may ask to see this if the card is not chipped.
Any prescribed medications: Make sure you don’t forget any prescription medication. You are not allowed to buy any prescription medications in the UK without showing a prescription from a licensed doctor. This doesn’t apply if you want to buy light medicines, such as Panadol or vitamins.
Air tickets: The air ticket is not specifically needed as it is available on the airline’s system, however it is preferable to carry a hard copy with you or soft copy on your mobile phone. This is just in case the policeman at the airport entrance ask to see it, or if the airport attendant cannot find your name on the system (as there are sometimes spelling mistakes when entering your name or when booking your ticket).
Any personal necessities: You should have a checklist of your personal items you can’t live without! Make sure you bring them along.


Home currency: Just keep a small amount of money with you just in case you need to give a tip to the person helping you carry your bags from the airport or driving you back to your house when arriving home.
The keys to your house: Take the keys to your house so when you return home there won’t be a problem getting in.
Mobile phone: All the mobiles you usually use, and if you have a spare phone, it is recommended you bring it. It is cheaper to place an English SIM card in your spare phone while you are visiting London, than to use your local number to make calls.
Appliances and chargers: Take all the appliances you need (laptops, tablets, etc.) and their chargers. It is highly likely that UK plugs are different from what you are used to. So if you already have English adapters, then please bring them. Don’t worry if you don’t have any - you can find them in plenty of stores.
A pen: Keep a pen with you, as you will need to fill in a landing card when entering England.
Your clothes: Don't forget to take appropriate clothing with you depending on the weather forecasted. You can find everything here but it will take you some time to find seasonal clothing like swimsuits in the summer or coats in the winter.
Toiletries: hair brush, tooth brush, tooth paste, facial wash, facial and body cream, shampoo and conditioner, towels (if you are going to stay in an apartment and not a hotel).
Sanitary pads: Ladies - it is preferable to take sanitary items that you are used to with you, because you may not find the same brand or specific ones used in the UK.
Items for the kids: Bring everything that your kids are used to having on a normal day, to avoid issues or tears. Especially bring along any medication or formula they need if still at that young age where everything matters! Keep an umbrella with you just in case it rains. We recommend you keep it with you all the time if coming to London during the winter. Always make sure you check the weather forecast before travelling.
Mark your bag: To be sure that you don’t lose your suitcase, you should mark your bag or tie a coloured scarf around it. This will prevent it from getting mixed up with someone else’s bag. Also, make sure you write your contact information on your bag just to be sure it comes back to you in case it gets mixed up.


Something to eat (if you don't like the food on the plane)
Snacks (if the journey is long)
Items for entertainment such as books, movies, music etc. (Most airplanes will have options for you to choose from, so this is only if you don’t like the options they have on the plane).
Eye shades, pillow and ear plugs
Wet wipes