How to behave out and about


There are some cultural variances and social etiquette to consider when in the UK.


Please press the pedestrian button in the box attached to the traffic light so that the traffic lights point acknowledge pedestrians need to cross and the cars stop.
Whilst crossing the road please remember to cross at a traffic light point or at a zebra crossing, and to look both ways and wait for the green man icon until it flashes green.
Whilst walking on the street please remember to walk on the pavement not in the middle of the road.
Remember to always wait whilst queuing for your turn.
Remember if you have any rubbish to hold on to it until you get to a bin, where you can throw your rubbish away.
Remember when talking in your own language to your friends and family to respect others around you and not speak too loudly.
Remember that the British people are not accustomed to Middle Eastern ways so when trying to be friendly offer a handshake.
Always remember to be polite and to say Thank you, Please and Sorry.
Whilst travelling and using the underground, when heading into a station, please remember to stand on the right hand side of the escalators.
Please offer your seat to pregnant woman, those with young children, those with a disability and/or the elderly as they find it hard to stand in the underground. Try to avoid sitting in the seat allocations that are specifically set aside for any of the above (you will find sticker animations by the seats on both the underground and the bus).
Please be respectful on the underground as not to shout or speak too loudly.
Please also remember to travel with the right valid ticket at all times.
Whilst driving around London, please ensure you are careful to signal in advance (but at the right exits, not too far ahead of time) and also be aware that in the UK the driver seat is on the right hand side so they drive on the left hand side of the road.
Be respectful of any rules and regulations when you visit any attractions or museums etc. and understand the laws are there to protect you.
Whilst driving also remember to abide by traffic rules and be careful at all times.


Do not push in front of people whilst waiting in queues, this is considered as being very rude.
Do not spit in the streets, this is very disgusting and can offend people. A fine of £80 will be applied if your are seen doing that by any law enforcer.
Do not cycle in places that you are not allowed to cycle and look out for cycling lanes.
Do not whilst driving cruise between the cars and speed up, always be cautious of the speed limit.
Do not say anything racist as this is rude and can be offensive to people, even if you think you are joking.
Do not disturb the wild life in parks or zoos by kicking animals or chasing them.
Do not start fights or arguments about any laws in place even if you don’t agree, respect them.  
Do not swear or be disrespectful to anyone, this is rude and offensive.
Do not speak to strangers.
Do not feed wildlife dangerous food such as fast food or junk food.
Do not smoke indoors as this is not permitted anywhere.
Do not take out cash and start counting it in public.
Do not say offensive stuff in Arabic as there is a high chance some people will understand you.
Do not make too much eye contact on the underground as people are not used to this.