200MPH Supercar Challenge


We frequently arrange driving and supercar experiences for our clients, and one of our favourite and most popular has to be our 200MPH Challenge - an incredible opportunity to break the speed barrier whilst enjoying use of some of the world’s finest vehicles in the process! Where better to test the abilities of the fastest supercars in the world than on a private two-mile runway? Our Leicestershire location is perfect for full throttle racing, and full safety equipment and crew from one of the world's leading motorsport safety companies. You will enjoy warm-up runs at 180MPH in a new Ferrari and a new Aston Martin, before you launch your attempt to break the magical 200MPH milestone in the incredible McLaren 720S and the gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador S - two of the most well-engineered cars to ever grace tarmac! All participants will receive a full briefing and be accompanied at all times by a professional race instructor. In-car video footage will be provided, with the speed fully displayed so that you can keep a momento of the day and prove your achievement to jealous friends - and the nearby hospitality area will keep you fully refreshed throughout the day. An immensely fun and rewarding experience!